17 U.S. Code § 107 - Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use
Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phonorecords or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. In determining whether the use made of a work in any particular case is a fair use the factors to be considered shall include—
(1) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes [all mirrored content falls under this clause, any ads present are mirrored from the original site, mirrored content earns me no revenue whatsoever];
(2) the nature of the copyrighted work [this is a unique resource for the mentally ill, and preservation of it can be argued to be incredibly important];
(3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and
(4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work. [absolutely none whatsoever, as the original work no longer exists anywhere else (outside of whatever bits and pieces archive.org managed to capture) - the original site was intermittantly completely unavailable for a extended period of time before its SSL certificate expired (and was never renewed), and eventually the site went offline for good, then finally the DNS records were removed at some point prior to May 2018, so at this point it is well beyond the 'dead and rotting' stage]
The fact that a work is unpublished shall not itself bar a finding of fair use if such finding is made upon consideration of all the above factors.

This domain is not controlled by Jerod Poore, and I will NOT continue redirecting traffic from this domain to crazymeds.us [as I formerly did] while Jerod continues with his immature temper tantrum over adblock or continues to fail to maintain his site, fucking over his entire community and countless visitors in the process. [belated clarification: with specific regards to the adblock drama I was referring to Poore at one point replacing his entire site with a single page complaining about the amount of revenue lost to users with ad blocking active, which is something that I took extreme exception to because this affected ALL visitors to the site regardless of if or if not they were actually using ad blocking]
This mirror is unfortunately incomplete (and very slightly outdated), as /CrazyTalk/ was not included when I scraped the site (it was far too large to scrape given the site's extremely poor performance, my wish to avoid worsening the poor performance further, and other factors). If you're looking for a replacement forum, I suggest visiting https://www.crazyboards.org/forums/. There are issues with many of the mirrored pages, I am working on identifying and fixing them, but I do not have the time to address every single issue at this moment (although by now the majority of these issues have been resolved). Dynamic content is obviously completely broken (this is beyond my control), and the loss of /CrazyTalk/ is quite bad given how much good user-generated info was on there, but you have Jerod to "thank" for that. Maybe I'll bring it back online at some point, but it wouldn't be the same as before. For now, I suggest visiting CrazyBoards instead.
Note (Oct 9 2018): Infrequent additional updates regarding the status of this site will be posted on https://info.crazymeds.net

no cash required

Everyone needs some help once in awhile, especially when you’re mentally interesting. Begging is my worst interpersonal skill1.

1.  Information Wants to Be Free, Food & Meds Aren’t

If you’re some Commie Owenite who thinks everything should be free idealist tired of seeing advertisements wherever you look and would like to support Crazymeds without feeding our nascent self-aware Internet Overlord filling the coffers of this century’s robber barons supporting the new Microsoft contributing to Google, you can always buy a t-shirt or two, some mugs, stickers, other crappy merchandise, or various media we like, think will will be helpful, and even some of the books we use.2 I really didn’t want to inundate Crazymeds with ads from sources other than Google’s AdSense and shitty Crazymeds-related merchandise, but circumstances forced me to. Especially since everything gets blocked except the most annoying ones. Ad-blocking browsers are quickly killing free-content sites. Enjoy Crazymeds while you can, who knows what its future will be.

1.1  Buy-buy

If you do any shopping on Amazon, you can support me without spending any more than you usually do or sullying yourself with advertising cooties. Just use this link when you’re ready to go on your next manic buying spree get a few things you need. By starting at Amazon through that link I’ll get a small kickback on your purchases, but it won’t cost you anything extra.

Along the same lines, if you haven’t noticed it all over the site:
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If your tinfoil hat is properly adjusted you wish to fuck with the NSA you prefer the immediacy and anonymity of PayPal. To donate directly via PayPal my e-mail address is jerod23 at, where else, g mail dot com. That’s:

As you may have noticed, the beg button is back.

Enable Crazymeds to keep spreading our knowledge. Donate some spare e-currency you have floating around The Cloud.

Since October 2013 Crazymeds has not been making enough money to support itself, let alone me. Either someone at Google is messing with me, or their search algorithm actively hates me now, and the medication pages no longer show up in the top 7 results. Hell, most of them don’t even show up in the top ten any more3. With the forum’s activity, search engine traffic being what it is, increased use of ad blocking software, and most drug companies not liking my “unpredictable” 4 stance, and thus not buying ads like they used to, we’re at the equivalent of coming in fourth at the Olympics: we need a lot more traffic to get the revenue to stay on the air5, yet the site doesn’t get the traffic it needs to make enough money to pay for the minimum amount of domain hosting horsepower required to handle the traffic it does get.

1.3  Cash is King

Hell, I’ll even take the filthy lucre that is the source of all of Humanity’s problems; or cash money as they call it where I grew up. Send cash, check, money order, bearer bonds, used books, DVDs, CDs (anything I don’t want I can always exchange, sell or donate), or relatively recent medical journals6 to:

Jerod Poore
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For more information about our fucked-up financial situation see the Keep Crazymeds Financially Solvent topic on the Crazy Talk forum.

2.  No Cash? No Credit? No Problem!

In the long run the things that will help the site the most don’t cost a dime.

3.  Learn to Share

I really need you to share what I’ve written. Depending on the type of device you’re using you’ll see at the top and/or bottom each page buttons to share or like it via Facebook, Google plus, and every other social media/bookmarking/whatever service there is via AddThis. It would really, really help if you flag every page you’ve found to be actually helpful and/or entertaining with a G+ and/or a Facebook share. I realize there is a hell of a lot of stigma attached to having brain cooties, and a share on Google+ and Facebook, unlike those in AA, is fairly public, whereas a like is much less so. Which is why I have both options available. If you don’t have, or don’t wish to use either one of those accounts, perhaps you can use another social bookmarking service. We have StumbleUpon and Twitter within easy reach, and if you move your cursor over the +Share button, and down past the bookmark mail, etc. options to + More (some number), and you’ll find around 330 (as of this writing) selections from Adfty to the Max Headroom-sounding Zic Zac.

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3.1  How to be Popular

The Internet, alas, is like high school. Popularity is everything. Well-liked pages tend to do better in the search rankings. The better it does in the search, more people will visit it. Likes, however, are merely statistics. shares are real links. Shares bring more people to site than likes do. Along the same lines links from blogs and message boards/fora. To continue the high school analogy, a share is similar to being liked by someone who is popular. The more non-spammy links7 and traffic from them, the further up the search engine results we get. I also need actual links, preferably to whatever specific page on the drug wiki8 that was the most helpful and/or amusing to you.

3.2  Don’t Forget Your Towel

Liking, sharing, pinning, etc. items at Straitjacket T-Shirts - our store on CarePress will also be a tremendous help. You don’t need to buy anything. As with the wiki pages, don’t spam and, please, only share the things you actually like or like to ridicule. I’d like to have more information than sales data to decide if I’m going to keep something around or not.

4.  Do You Really Like Me?

I want you to be part of my circle jerk my friend. If you’re using a real computer, high-end mobile device or a laptop you’ll see these near the bottom of every page9 as well as on the right sidebar10:

Liking/following us via whatever social media you prefer will get you notifications of all sorts of exciting things, like new content, impending forum software upgrades, and status reports when the forum or entire site is off the air for some reason. What’s the difference between following me or the site? The site is pretty much just the notices. Following me gives you a window into my life spiraling out of control into one final supernova of despair boring life. My personal Twitter feed and Facebook page also has links to interesting pieces of research I come across. On the site Twitter feed I follow stand-up and other comedians and do a lot of retweets, so follow it if that sort of thing cheers you up.

Now we’re in familiar, if head-bangingly frustrating territory. Sites that are already popular, like Wikipedia, Drugs.com, WebMD, RxList, are going to rate higher because they get more traffic. Recent graduates, and those who can remember what it was like, should recognize this as: “How can you get a job without experience, and how can you get experience without a job?” The answer to that is becoming someone’s unpaid lackey the corporate equivalent of a slave an intern and being paid in experience and maybe even college credits. On teh interwebs you can buy ads, which I may have to do, although with my budget I doubt their efficacy. Hence my reliance on word-of-email, which has served me well for nine years, but now may not be enough. What really gets something happening is reaching some tipping point with crowds11 where everyone rushes to one site, making it one of, if not the place to go for information on some topic. The flipside of crowdsourcing is the madness of crowds.

To make life easier for those who click on the beg button…

4.1  Thanks!

Thanks for your contribution. It won’t be wasted on anything frivolous like food, meds, or health insurance. At this point all donations are budgeted to pay for the domain server to keep us up and running for another year.

4.2  Don’t Worry About It

If you hit the beg button by accident, or realized it was either hypomania or the overlords of the 12 Zegnatronic Galaxies were just guilting you into donating, it’s OK. I know money is tight.

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1 Even when I was fucking homeless I couldn't beg worth shit on Market St. I tried it. I collected 30 cents after a couple of hours one night and gave up, feeling worse about what I was doing than failing, and I had a greatly lower tolerance for failure then as I do now. I had no problem eating at St. Agony's and other soup kitchens, because they like giving away the food to anyone who shows up, and I used to really enjoy cooking for other people. Plus it was my first chance to hang out with other mentally interesting types, even though I didn't know I was doing so, let alone have any true awareness of how fucking crazy I was.

2 Honestly - I'd rather you spent that money at your local bookstore. The commission I make from the sale of one book is often a lot less than that of a single click on an ad. The same goes for some other stuff Amazon sells, there are probably plenty of locally-owned equivalents you can shop at as well. Unless you're like me and live near East Jesus, Flyover. But for e-books, streaming music, etc. please, download to your heart's content through the links here!!

3 I really think someone at Google is intentionally fucking with me. The Effexor and Celexa pages were completely removed from the search results for close to a year. Shortly after a page makes it back to where it belongs (position 4 - 7 in the results) it drops down to 9 or lower.

4 Really, that is the word used to describe me when I was discussing the sale of this site a couple years back. Fearmongering they understand and can work with, because Big Pharma owns a big chunk of the supplement industry. So they can't deal with anti-quackery, vitamins-fix-everything articles that are on the same site with articles that highlight "freaky rare side effects." They don't like how I helped expose the lie that all generics are the same and the same as brand-name meds while I also give them shit for patent-extending tactics and how to tell if an Internet pharmacy promising meds from Canada or Europe is legit. I'm decidedly pro-med, but I'm against over-medicating (in spite of a five-med cocktail of my own). They can't get a read on me, and few people like such uncertainty.

5 Just think of Crazymeds as being like your local publicly-funded, non-profit, "commercial-free" broadcast TV or radio station, only I call the ads "ads" and not "sponsorship messages." And if it allows me to exchange what I make off of it for food, shelter, meds, etc.. then it's a for-profit enterprise.

6 I can really use medical journals. They preferably about psychiatric or neurological conditions and treatments, but there could always be something about off-label usage of crazy meds in a journal about anything. Less than 10 years old if possible. Ask your doctor, or whoever runs or works the desk at your doctor's office, if they have any that would be otherwise thrown away.

7 Please don't post links to Crazymeds where they don't belong. It's one thing if it's in reply to a question someone asks about meds or conditions we cover in an off-topic thread on a site about exotic fish, it's something else entirely if someone goes around randomly posting links to this place on sites that have nothing to do with neurological or psychiatric conditions and treatments just because they think everyone should know about us. I already have enough trouble with ISPs sending Crazymeds e-mail - along with e-mail from a personal account that has nothing to do with Crazymeds - to the spam bucket because Crazymeds is used in bogus, redirecting links. As is my name every now and then. My name and the site name are used in SEO spam, in spoofed e-mail addresses, and so forth.

8 As much as I'd like to, I can't go into any details as to why. Let's just say that the wiki makes more money than, and essentially subsidizes the forum.

9 Including the one near here, as it's part of a template. Sorry about the redundancy.

10 If you're on a real computer, a large laptop, or have really good eyesight and display the right sidebar with everything in a tiny font.

11 Which I may have had already in 2006. While I've been building steadily upon that surge of popularity, and even recovered from the disasters in 2007, this latest adjustment in what is probably no more that normal dip in the cyclical nature of any site's traffic and income, has come at a very bad time.

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