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Archive of the What’s New page. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner. Contains everything updated prior to whatever I feel like the cut-off is going to be.

06 June 2014

Happy “Holy Fuck! Grandpa was the Toughest Badass on the Planet” day.

I’ve been doing a bunch of crap over the last month. Having my wallet stolen was a great impetus for getting work done, to the point where I was tweaking things so much that additions to some pages became articles in their own right. I’m still not completely satisfied with most of these, as if I ever am with anything I do, but it’s about time I announced them:

  • I managed to add a useful feature to the Crazymeds wiki I’ve wanted for some time. We now have a Glossary of Terms, Abbreviations, Acronyms and Initialisms.
    • I had set it up so every time you hovered your mouse’s pointer over a term, abbreviation, acronym or initialism highlighted in green the definition would pop up.
    • Like everything else on the wiki it’s more complicated than I wanted it to be. Due to performance issues (Phrasing!) I had to split the glossary into two files.
      • One file for the hovering mouse pointer, with fewer, shorter entries to pop up with definitions for things I guess are unfamiliar to many readers. These have links to …
      • The larger Glossary of Terms, etc., where the entries themselves have much greater detail. There are also definitions for things that won’t be highlighted in green.
    • More terms, etc. are being added all the time.
  • I’ve written Evaluating Research Papers: a page on how to tell if a research paper to which any random high school drop-out with a website links is itself legitimate or bogus.
  • The General Bibliography is now Crazymeds’ General Bibliography & Guide to Medical Research Sites.
  • I’m revamped the Guides to Decoding Our Med Articles & Getting Unlost.
    • I’ve updated the section on the site’s features for tablets and real computers.
    • I’ve also improved (I hope) explaining what everything on single-page drug articles and the overview (AKA first) page of multiple-page drug articles.
    • I’m plowing through the rest of the pages on the more-detailed articles. It’s kind of difficult as the more-detailed pages already explain what everything means.
      • At least, they’re supposed to. If I could make them clearer, I would do so on those pages, and wouldn’t require an article on how to decode them.
      • Except for the pharmacology pages.
      • Even through the whole point of them is to make the pharmacology your meds somewhat understandable if you don’t have a med school degree.

28 March 2014

Some things are old, some things are really old, and some things are relatively new.
Buy now! Sorry. By now most everyone has probably noticed the plethora of Amazon ads that have infested the site. Look, here’s one now:

With the commission I get on these sales, and that I keep insisting people buy their books and other crap from local stores, assuming you have any, you’d wonder why I’m doing it. As do I. Every time I add them to a page I feel like Jean Genet on a Marseille wharf. But way back in 2004–2005, when traffic was less than a quarter of what it is today (and a sixth of what it was compared with the number of visitors we were getting in the Spring & Summer of 2013), it would bring in $100 some months. Granted that was probably due to someone’s mania-induced spending-spree, which I like to rationalize as one or both of

  • Filling a shopping list for some personal holiday
  • They were going to spend it all anyway; I may as well make a direct profit off of someone’s madness along with all the indirect cash-from-crazy that has been supporting me for the last five or six years.

So books and other crap that Amazon thinks you’ll like, based upon whatever cookies you may have lying around from your previous visits there, the contents of the page you’re on, and whatever keywords I feed it, or books available from Burning Mind Books, will be displayed for your retail therapy needs.

  • In case you didn’t follow the link to Burning Mind Books, it’s not the same old Amazon store. OK, It is. But it’s now embedded, for her pleasure, in the wiki. And to enhance opportunities for achieving a quality retail experience.

As for site content…

26 February 2014

  • Although it’s nowhere near complete, I’ve had too many requests for, and people finding via search engines, the Latuda (lurasidone) page. So what I have so far is officially available.
  • I’ve cleaned up and updated the page of news about, reviews of, cites and other references to Crazymeds.
  • There are new pictures of my library. With cats. In case anyone doubted all the books I have listed on the bibliography section of articles.
  • Some rebranding is in order. The site is now Crazymeds, all one word. The forum’s official name is now Crazy Talk: The Crazymeds Forum, but its original name, Crazy Talk, will suffice. I doubt this will make much of a difference in search rankings and differentiating the site from SEO spammers who use “crazy meds” in their search engine spam or as the text for bogus links to their fraudulent pharmacies, but what the fuck, right?
  • I’m working on simplifying the URLs for the wiki. Right now I’ve removed the pmwiki.php from the URLs - existing links still work. I’m working on removing the pmwiki part, so the URL for Wellbutrin will look like [www.]crazymeds.net/Wellbutrin instead of [www.]crazymeds.net/pmwiki/Wellbutrin Will that make any difference in the SEO sweepstakes? Again - fuck if I know. The way my life is going I’m finding it difficult to care about anything.

30 December 2013

  • I’ve moved the drug rating feature to the same page as the reviews for the med. That was so I could:
    • add three more metrics to the rating system:
      • Efficacy
      • Side Effects
      • How much of a pain in the ass it is to take.
    • The existing Overall rating are still there, as are the ratings everyone has given them. It’s a bit lopsided looking, but I didn’t want to erase the thousands1 of ratings already entered.
  • Since I did that and had the code for rating something on the medication pages, I changed it so everyone can rate the article itself.
    • I plan on adding the Rate This Article feature to other pages.
  • In the How Meta Can I Get department, I’ve moved the growing list of links to other Crazymeds sites for updates and status reports that used to be right above this 3-year-long list to its own page.

20 December 2013

Crazymeds: The Blog
Brain Food for the Mentally Interesting

In a desperate attempt to SEO the fuck out of this site

Because I can’t deal with my life and need to do something that appears to be productive

Crazymeds has needed an actual blog for some time. A place for announcements, news items, and some short-attention-span tidbits from here or elsewhere. So here it is.

The existing blogspot blog will continue to exist, but it will be more narcissistic personal and procrastination bait. I’ll still post notices of impending software upgrades or anything else that will cause a significant interruption of service, and anything along the same lines where an off-site location for posting is required because the entire domain is down. As well as the occasional site update of note. Posts to the G+ page and Facebook page will continue as they always have.

Like everything else I try to do in my life on this site, This blog will never be finished is a work in progress. I’m trying to get WordPress to cooperate with me about some things, like not requiring an e-mail address to post a comment (so feel free to enter a bogus one).

10 December 2013

Rxmas Consumerist Orgy of New Products at Straitjacket T-Shirts

I’ve been putting up even more new products at Straitjacket T-Shirts. Just the thing for anyone who responds well to retail therapy, with or without Havidol (avafynetime); including those who respond to online window-shopping. Most of the new merchandise is in the Pile of Pills motif, featuring buttons and cheap jewelry, and some ridiculous, and ridiculously expensive, household items, such as curtains and a tablecloth. Those last two are among several items that, while actually for sale, are mainly for entertainment purposes.

There are also clocks, with both the pill design and the Medication Time design, some of which are reasonably priced.

By popular demand there are now buttons and magnets. Currently they are only the most popular designs. I’ll see how well these do first, as buttons are a pain in the ass to do in the Pill Font. The same design happens to fit three magnets, so I threw them in as well.

I hope to add some new designs in time for Rxmas.

03 December 2013

The beg button is back on the wiki. There will soon be an obnoxious expansion of links to the CafePress store. As I’m one of the lucky people who actually responds well to BuSpar I’ll be looking into some form of advertising that isn’t subject to ad-blocking software. Such as those supremely annoying keyword links.

21 November 2013

I’ve put up a shitload of new designs on shirts, mugs, stickers, and assorted other media at the expanded Straitjacket T-Shirts. I had to make some slight changes to the mug designs to get them to look nearly as good as what they can do at Zazzle. When I compare mugs from each of them side-by-side the difference is probably something that maybe 5% of people would notice.

When it comes to media the only thing Zazzle does that is massively superior to Cafe Press is jigsaw puzzles. Cafe Press’ puzzles are a miserable 30 pieces, while Zazzle’s puzzles are a respectable 252 pieces. I’m not even bothering to add puzzles to the Cafe Press product line. I don’t know if it will be worth keeping the Zazzle store open just for puzzles, so check them out while they’re still there.

I still have more to come, but as always I doubt if I’ll finish when I need to. What’s up now is barely in time for RXmas.

23 October 2013

Zazzle now officially sucks more than Cafe Press. Which means I’ll be shutting down the Zazzle store. And since I have to recreate what I want to sell on Cafe Press, I’m getting rid of designs that aren’t selling. Including shirts. So if you want any of the really crappy designs, get them soon.

I’ve been updating existing designs of shirts and mugs with new versions of the Pill font, as well as creating new designs. I suggest you don’t buy any of the shirts that haven’t been updated (Brain Cooties Aren’t Contagious e.g.), unless you like the original Pill Font more than the new ones.

By popular request I’ve finally created more bumperstickers and other items like mouse pads. I plan on converting some discontinued shirt designs into one or more of bumperstickers, mouse pads, mugs and maybe some of whatever other cheap crap Cafe Press offers that looks interesting.

New designs include things like:

Medication Time Mugs at Straitjacket T-ShirtsUnited States of Pharmaceuticals sticker at Straitjacket T-Shirts

So stop by the latest version of Straitjacket T-Shirts.

The way traffic to and revenue from Crazymeds is plummeting who knows how long I’ll be around with this garbage.

22 September 2013

How do I avoid my life of despair and futility? By working on meaningless bullshit.

2 August 2013

  • I have a shitload of stuff to do, on the site and in my life. I’m depressed, anxious, cranky, and frequently angry. So what do I do? I work on site stats. Which is funny, as those statistical data are currently the primary vectors of depression, anxiety and anger, which, in turn, are defining the matrices that are the integral components of my soul.
    • You know I’m alt.depressed.as.fuck when I start writing such bullshit.
  • The stats page has much more data on it now, including a look into the dark art of website valuation.
  • I’ve also been working on speeding up the wiki response time so it doesn’t suck so much in that regard.

12 June 2013

5 April 2013

5 March 2013

13 February 2013

  • I’ve improved, I hope, the way the site looks for people using various mobile devices. Especially those of you with iPhones, who now represent 20% of this site’s traffic. There is now an entire page dedicated to setting your browsing environment. It’s a bit flaky, but after a fucking month of working on it, it’s not going to get any better. Those of you with large phones, tablets, laptops, and real computers are better off using the settings at the bottom of the right sidebar. If you don’t see a right sidebar, there should be a “Show Sidebar” toggle link underneath the HON Code certification icon. Click on that to display it. And if you don’t want to see either sidebar, each of them can be toggled to display or not when using the Triad skin. There’s more info about that and more on the set environment page.
    • Unless you’re going to a specific page, when you first hit the site using a phone you’ll be asked to select the display you want to use. With any luck you won’t be asked that again, because we’ll be leaving a bunch of cookies lying around. More about those on the updated Privacy Policy page.
  • Since mobile users haven’t had access to the Google site search, I’ve given everyone access to the wiki’s built-in search engine. It’s a lot like the forum’s search engine, except much more reliable. Just as the forum’s search engine will search only the forum and blogs, the wiki’s search engine will search only the wiki pages. You need to use the Google search engine if you want to search the wiki, forum, blogs, PI sheets and other .pdf files all at once - or search the PI sheets at all. The search is resource-intensive, so I don’t know if I’ll leave it available to everyone or not.

3 January 2013

  • Actual new content! The long-overdue page on Geodon / Zeldox (ziprasidone) is up. It’s a work in progress, like the entire site.

11 October 2012

13 September 2012

09 September 2012

07 September 2012

  • Another rave from the grave of the non-wiki version of the site is back: site statistics. I’m sure that means a lot to both of the people who are interesting in that sort of thing.

25 August 2012

  • Back on 23 July I enabled the right sidebar. In addition to providing space for links to other sites, and the replacement for the support group & more information pages, I also have given you, yes you the opportunity to change the color scheme, typeface, and size of wiki. At least on your screen. If you’re on a real computer and not a smart or not-so-smart phone. Why I made the announcement for this in all the usual places except this page is beyond me.
  • What I have done today is something long overdue: a guide on how to actually use this site. Theory of mind is very different for those of us in the Asperger’s spectrum, which is why you’ll often hear us yell, “Isn’t it fucking obvious?” a lot. It also explains why we hate to write [l]user manuals. Many, if not most of us assume anyone who can grasp certain basic concepts must automatically know how to use our elegantly and efficiently designed and executed piece of crap. So I’ve expanded the old How to Read Our Drug Guides pages to now be the How to Navigate this Site, Use its Features & Read the Drug Guides pages.

17 July 2012

  • You know the nation-wide drug shortage is really bad when paramedics are using medications that have outlived the expiration date printed on the box. So I’ve added shelf life to the drug pages. It’s on the Brand & Generic Availability pages for those drugs with a full write-up, and down by the half-life and steady state data for the meds with single-page entries.

Fun fact: I had to get all those data from the UK or New Zealand, as shelf life is not required to be published in the US or Canada. The FDA requires it in their new drug applications (NDAs), but those are difficult to find and are frequently so redacted they look like props from a spy movie. Take a look at the Viibryd NDA to see what I mean. I guess they care more for their subjects’ health in the Commonwealth than the FDA cares for the health of US citizens. Or something. I have data for most of the meds currently written up. Currently missing: Serzone (nefazodone) and Strattera (atomoxetine HCl).

15 July 2012

  • Actual new content! Pages on the most boring and disappointing drug written up to date: Viibryd (vilazodone hydrochloride).

11 July 2012

  • I’ve converted the Depacon and valproate pages to the new format.
  • That leaves only the Adderall page and a page on stimulants/ADD meds left to convert from the old to new formats. Or not, if I don’t think there’s anything worth salvaging on the stimulants page.
    • Duh - and the lithium orotate page. That’s a low priority, but I’ll leave the html version around. I don’t know if I’ll ever convert it, but I won’t delete it.
  • Except for those three pages, everything from the old site should redirect to the new wiki. Including pages I don’t plan on updating, such as links to various support group sites. What I plan on having is one massive page of links to other sites that may or may not be categorized.
    • What I ended up doing - Enabling the right sidebar and adding links to other sites like a blogroll.
  • There are still a couple other things I might still convert. Eventually. For now their HTML equivalents are going away.
  • I’m constantly tweaking/updating information, so check the links above for changes not worth bothering to post about. Everything except updated PI sheets will get listed on one of the above links.
    • Each page has a last update timestamp at the very bottom, as well as buttons so you can see the history of changes.

21 April 2012

  • girrl88 sent me a bunch of additional information about Invega Sustenna. So most of the Invega pages have been updated to include the additional data about the once-a-month injectable version of Invega.
  • I’ve also been tweaking the format of the basic overview and expanded medication pages like Invega’s. Mostly the order in which you see the information. It dawned on me that it makes more sense to have how long it takes, and how likely it would be for a work for its approved and off-label uses immediately after the list of its approved and off-label uses. Followed by how you should take it and stop taking it. Then pros and cons, then side effects, then all the stuff 99% of people don’t bother reading.
  • I’ve been filling in a lot of the blanks on said pages, mainly drug to drug comparisons in efficacy or side effects.
  • The forum software was updated. Some bugs were fixed. Most of the new features were for moderators, so you won’t be seeing much in the way of changes. We’re still working on problems people are having with smart phones and blogs.

22 March 2012

  • I’m redesigning the main section (i.e. the non-forum part, AKA right here) of the site to make it easier to read for the 30% or so of the people who access it with a mobile device. I’d like some feedback on this, so let me know wherever you’re more comfortable do so. On the forum, on the blog, or on the Facebook page.

1 March 2012

9 January 2012

25–26 December 2011

  • Upgrading the forum and blog software. Let’s see how many tries are required and how long it takes.

05 December 2011

I have links for these meds:

27 November 2011

18 November 2011

21 October 2011

23 September 2011

18 September 2011

  • Upgraded the forum software. Hate the new look, like some of the new functions, don’t like how others are no longer available.

02 August 2011

21 July 2011
The Edronax (reboxetine mesylate) page is now up.

7 July 2011

  • There’s still some tweaking and assorted clean-up to do, but the Crazymeds Talk forum has undergone a major rearrangement. I’ve moved the condition sections, such as Bipolar Disorder - I’m So Happy I Could Kill Myself, to be right under the Generic Forum Crap section. This is because most of the questions in the medication sections were along the lines of “Which is the best med to fix me?” and not “I’ve been taking Lamictal for five years, why am I suddenly seeing double?” Additionally:
    • Saphris and Zonegran now have their own forums.
    • Migraines and headaches was folded into the the Epilepsy forum.
    • The two forums on ECT, VNS, TMS, DBS and any other electrical or surgical therapies have been merged into one forum, so it doesn’t matter what they’re used for, they’re now treated just like a medication.
    • The same applies to talk therapies and the like.
    • I created a new forum for AP-induced movement disorders and how to treat them in the antipsychotics section. So many questions about problems like TD, EPS, and akathisia were popping up across that section I figured it deserved its own forum. Plus I had to quit taking Risperdal due to TD and I fucking loved Risperdal.
    • I created a new section, The Cocktail Party, for two more catch-all forums. I’ve given in to a forum on med cocktails. That’s where all those questions involving drug-drug interactions should go, along with “I’m taking Topamax, Lamictal, and lithium, and I’m breaking out all over, which one is responsible?” For those playing at home, the answer is “Yes.”
    • Also in that section is the currently empty forum Miscellaneous Major Medical Melange. I need to move a shitload of topics from Small Talk there, and probably a bunch of other forums as well. MMMM is the “It’s health-related, but it doesn’t really belong anywhere else” forum.
    • So, please, no medication, psychiatric, health, or similar topics in Small Talk. Kthxbai.
  • While not site-related per se, I’ve been uploading a shitload of new designs to Straitjacket T-shirts, and I tweaked the design of the shop a bit. After three full days of dealing with how long it takes to do that, and I still have finished designs that aren’t yet shop-ready, I’m looking at Zazzle and other options. Because clarity of thought has not been one of my strengths in a long-ass time.

15 June 2011

  • Somehow I managed to skip converting the Thorazine (chlorpromazine hydrochloride) and Elavil (amitriptyline HCl) pages when I moved everything to the new format. I just finished the Elavil page.
  • Added anticholinergic and antihistamine subsections to the common side effects page.

11 June 2011

  • The Invega pages have been converted to the new format. These are the first pages written by someone else to be converted to the new format, so I’ve had to mess around with a bunch of stuff to get all the copyright information to appear correctly, which is why I didn’t include them in the first wave of meds.
  • I finished up the Meds & Supplements page.
  • The HONCode certification has been renewed for another year. You may have noticed we have the certification logo up on the forum. Sites that have collaborative aspects (blog, forum, etc.) are now reviewed as a whole. You won’t find many peer-run mental health fora with HONCode certification, although that’s mainly due to stigma. As I don’t have a problem putting my real name up all over the place, and I don’t care how much of a jerkwad people consider me2 when I ask for some kind of source to back up claims of miraculous vitamin cures, we’re able to have a HONCode-certified forum.

30 May 2011
I’ve put up enough of the Basic Crap About All Meds pages to publish them. These include:

Pages on the differences between brand name & generic medications and meds & supplements are still under construction.

24 May 2011
I finally got all of the HONCode pages up. So just click on the known your sources link here, or on the side bar to the left and follow along.

25 April 2011
The wiki went live, so everything is new.

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1 Slightly over two thousand is technically "thousands".

2 Actually I don't care why people consider me a jerkwad, and I know I put the Ass in Asperger's for a long laundry list of reasons.

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‘Everything is true, nothing is permitted.’ - Jerod Poore

1 While there are plenty of books to help you with hypochondria, for some reason there’s not much in the way of websites. Then again, staying off of the Internet is a large part of curing/managing the disorder.

2 Remember kids, Microsloth operating systems are like TOS Star Trek movies with in that every other one sucks way, way more. With TOS Star Trek movies you don’t want to bother watching the odd-numbered ones. With Microsloth OS you don’t want to buy and install the even-numbered ones. Anyone who remembers ME and Vista knows what I mean.

3 Have I mentioned how open source operating systems for commercial applications is one of the dumbest ideas in the history of dumb ideas?* I don’t even need my big-ass rant any more. Heartbleed has made my case for me. And that’s just the one that got all the media attention. The very nature of an open source operating system makes security as much of an illusion as anonymity on teh Intergoogles. Before you flip out too much: the domain Crazymeds is hosted on uses a version of SSL that is not affected by the Heartbleed bug. That’s one of the many reasons why I pay a lot of money and keep this site on Lunarpages.

* Yes, I know I’m using open source browsers. I also test the site using the now-defunct IE and Safari browsers. Their popularity - and superiority - killed IE and Safari, so that’s why I rely on the open source browsers. It’s like brand vs. generic meds. Sometimes the generic is better than the brand.

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